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Email verification, that gets the most out of your data | MailingBird.com

Use the powerful features of MailingBird to tune up your mailinglists and boost revenues with enhanced subscriber data. Significantly reduce bounces and optimize deliverability of valid emails to improve your sender reputation. Sign up today for improving your data and push revenues.

Validate your subscriberlists

In email-marketing the quality of your subscriberlist and quality of the available data are key to every successful marketing-campaign.

MailingBird offers you a reliable system to validate single email-addresses or whole lists without sending any email to your subscribers!

Sanitize misspelled addresses

In Email marketing just one single typo decides if your recipient will receive your information or not.

MailingBird gets you reliable suggestions on misspelled addresses, so that you always have an sanitized dataset for all your campaigns.

Check your subscribers SpamAuthority

Find out how many recipients of your list are really going to read your mails.

The intelligent algorithms of MailingBird indicate an individual SpamAuthority for every single dataset of your lists. It has never been easier to clean up your data from out-dated or invalid addresses and to decide if you should send an email or not.

Optimize targeting options

Focus on sending emails to real persons, not just mailboxes.

MailingBird provides enriched information for every address that you are submitting to optimize the Return-On-Ivenstment (ROI) of your campaigns. Find out more about the person behind the address and target your audience like never before with an enhanced set of data!

Reduce bounces and campaign-costs

In email marketing, a healthy senderlist is absolutely essential to gain a kick-ass ROI.

Lower your campaign costs by using an enhanced subscriberlist and reduce bounces and costs for every campaign.

Get a complete 360° Check-up for every email

Every dataset is based on a real-time 360° lookup to give you the best available data.

Get insights to enhanced technical and demographic data on every address to make sure your mails reach the right audience.

Speed up subscriber Sign-ups

Use our jQuery live-validation to verify and enrich userdata already during the sign-up process.

Especially in the mobile sector, it's very important too keep form as short as possible. With MailingBird you can suggest names and other data just during the sign-up process.

It's time to boost your mailings now!

Sign up today to get access to the powerful MailingBird API and start tuning your campaigns!

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