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Email verification, that gets the most out of your data | MailingBird.com

Enjoy our fair plans for increasing your revenues by tuning your subscriber list! If you are interested in high traffic monthly plans don't hesitate to drop us an email via the contact form.

MailingBird "Starter" - 100% FREE

To get startet with a simple and reliable email-validation e.g. for your registration forms, you can simply use our MailingBird Free API without any limitations.

MailingBird "Professional" - No setup fees!

You're hungry for more data? Get a full set of information and 360° checkup using our Advanced API or our simple file-upload, to kickass your campaigns! To get an extended set of information on your addresses use our advanced API with "MailingBird Professional".

For Starters: Pay as you go

* Sorry folks, as we are currently in closed beta, only monthly plans are available, yet!

We love loyal customers. So we decided to reduce the price for every request the more you check your lists. To get easily started you get your first 100 requests free of charge!

Requests / month Level Pricing
Up to 100 request Level 0 FREE
101 - 1.000 request Level 1 1 Credit / request Sign up now
1.001 - 10.000 request Level 2 0,7 Credits / request Sign up now
10.001 - 100.000 request Level 3 0,5 Credits / request Sign up now
More than 100.000 request Level 4 0,3 Credits / request Sign up now

Credit packs

Credits Pricing (excl. tax)
5.000 50.00 EUR
10.000 95.00 EUR
50.000 250.00 EUR
100.000 450.00 EUR

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For Businesses: Monthly Plans

You are a business and dont wan't a hazzle with credit-buying? Check out our nice monthly plans now!

Request included Pricing
100.000 450.00 EUR
500.000 750.00 EUR
1.000.000 1300.00 EUR
unlimited 1500.00 EUR

All given prices are excluding tax if not explicitly stated otherwise.

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